Thursday, October 28, 2010  at 4:09 PM
Today I am going to talk about my patterns.

As many people know (or might not know) I took an entire year off from exhibiting at Quilt Market. Last Spring I decided I would sew a garment to wear during the show. If I can't have a booth then what a better idea then to walk around the show wearing one of these fabulous outfits from one of my designers.

A Little Story about my Patterns

late March/Early April Pattern #1 was the Street Fair Skirt from Marie Madeline. I bought the Fabric, cut all my squares, sewed em' together, cut out the skirt, sewed it up, and put the skirt aside and resumed my daily life. Fast Forward: A week before Market and knowing all I need is to install the zipper and I will have the cutest skirt ever... A very large problem has arose and my sewing machine does not have an invisible zipper foot. I frantically read the owners manual and yes there is one for the machine. I think to myself excellent! However due to time I better enlist my mother and head up to her house. I show her my skirt (which she thinks is adorable) and plan on using her machine but no invisible zipper foot. I call frantically every Bernina store in the state of Oregon.....I buy a couple different foots for my machine and my mothers (just in case). I am desperate at this point. I can not believe what is happening and how can a sewing machine not have an invisible zipper foot when so many patterns require one? Long story shortened, all foots sold to me do not work on mine or her machine. Now fast forward to Quilt Market and I inquire about this invisible zipper foot for our machines and it turns out Bernina DID NOT make one for either of our machines. Lesson learned. The owners manual might not always be the best resource.........

Pattern #2 Serendiptiy Studios "Claire". I bought the fabric, cut out the pattern, and ran out of time. I was heading to quilt market in less then a week. I'll be honest here and admit that my mother became my savior and sewed the dress for me. She did an excellent job of sewing the dress but unfortunately I did not measure and had her sew a medium. The dress was to big but my friend Anita has enjoyed wearing my dress.

I am posting this message a little late and one reason is that apparently I forgot to post it. In my inner thoughts I had two ideas. 1) I could delete the entire post and 2) start a new post. Since I actually find the above two pattern stories a little hilarious......I am sharing!

So for tonight's post:

I have at my disposal a variety of adorable patterns whether that be for adults or children? When I receive new patterns my first thought is always, "I want to make this one for myself, friend, friends child, etc". I take the pattern, buy the fabric, cut-it out, and put it aside. I admitedly have done this with so many patterns that I keep telling myself to "Stop"! The truth is that I really have little time to sew. If anyone is familiar with Central Oregon it is a mecca of outdoor activities. When I am not working I ski, hike, ride my bike, take my dog for a walk, or relax. How much I really do enjoy sewing and find sewing very relaxing its often hard for me to sit down.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your families....hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st.

Patterns and Books

Wednesday, October 27, 2010  at 5:35 PM
One of my favorite parts of working at Creative Smocking is receiving books from publishers before their release date (to the general public). Today was one of those days. I received two new books and let me tell you I just had to take home with me; with ofcourse the intention of sewing one of those nifty crafty items in the book.

Fast forward to this evening as I was sitting at my kitchen table and looking through the book and imagining all the crafty items I would start sewing tonight. At the same time realized this would actually not happen because I don't have a copy machine at home (most books released have pull-out patterns). Ok, so I show the book to my boyfriend (Jerry) and start showing him everything nifty and crafty that I am going to start sewing. His response, "why are you showing me this"? I was a tad disappointed but at the sametime remembered not everyone understands the excitement of a new sewing book or pattern. I had a 2nd thought which was "who can I tell my excitement too". I could post it on my facebook page but again most of my friends don't necessarily care about sewing, quilting, and quite honestly don't really understand my fascination with sitting at a sewing machine and sewing for hours upon hours.....i'll post on Creative Smocking's facebook page but had a new dilemma. I have too much to say about my fabulous new here I am writing on my blog and knowing someone out there also shares in the same excitement when they receive new patterns and a book?

The End.


Monday, October 11, 2010  at 6:31 PM
I have several favorite seasons. The fall in Central Oregon is beautiful. The days are warm and the nights are cold. I sit inside my house and look out the window and see the trees changing color, the blue skies, and cherish these last couple of days where I won't see snow falling from the sky. Tonight is a beautiful night and what a better evening for a Fall Pattern Release Party.

I worked very hard today on Columbus Day uploading new patterns from Butterfly Kisses, Frances Messina Jones, Lila Tueller, and Revel Designs.

Check out our website at for all the newest patterns


Friday, October 8, 2010  at 5:39 PM
We are having an on-line garage sale!
Stocktoberfest-stock up now!

The good news is that you don't have to scan Craigs List the night before and prepare your 'who to hit' list, and jump in your car in the wee hours of the morning to be first in line, and start early morning bartering. I've done it all for you and the good news is that you can sit in your jammies, sip your coffee, and shop, shop!

Are you wondering what "Stocktoberfest" is?

We are having our first ever once-a-month and on-line warehouse/garage sale on Saturday October 9, 2010! We are busting at the seams with patterns and need too clear our inventory for all the new goodies! I like you want a bargain and I think you too will be pleasantly surprised with what I have available.

The Rules (yes their are rules):

1. I will start the sale at 1:00am Saturday. The good news is that I live in Oregon so I really won't need too stay up too late.

2. I will end the sale at 12:59 pm on Saturday. The bad news this will mean i'll need too stay up late...

3. I will post "Stocktoberfest" on our website at and this will be where you can locate the stalk-up-now deals.

4. I will be posting periodically and very randomly throughout the day on our Facebook page.
a. If you really want a deal I would be in close contact with our Facebook page.
1. As an example, I will be giving away patterns, 2-for-1 deals, and much more.

5. The Stocktoberfest is good for Saturday October 9, 2010. Please do not call or email me and say, 'you missed the sale'.

6. If all goes well I plan to make stocktoberfest a monthly occurence.

Make it a Great Day!

Early Fall Arrivals.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010  at 7:33 AM
This time of year leads to one of my favorite Seasons. The trees start too change color, the days are shorter, and NEW Sewing Patterns!

If you are not aware their is an annual trade-show in Houston, TX. The show is Quilt Market and with that brings our favorite designers new pattern collection for Fall.

I am accepting Pre-Orders and will expect shipping by Oct. 25th.

Summer's Over and I am Still Around

Wednesday, September 22, 2010  at 7:18 PM
I realize when my mom (Cheryl) starts emailing me that I have not updated the blog since June 15 I better get back on the blogging bandwagon.

I will start with saying I had a wonderful and relaxing summer which is probably due to my lack of posts. I now have a facebook page and i'll admit posting there is easy and simply.

Oh goodness we are so busy right now or shall I say bustling (is that even a word) with excitement. We have new pattern designers, the upcoming Fall Quilt Market, and Holiday patterns.

Creative Needle Market

I spent 2 days in Birmingham, AL for the Creative Needle Market. I had such a fabulous time and too finally match a face to all the phone calls and emails with customers and vendors. I am so pleased to be a part of such a wonderful group of ladies. I enjoyed my time down in the South and can not wait for my next trip (January 2011 for those who are keeping track).

Fall Quilt Market 2010

The new patterns have started to trinkle (is that a word) into our shop. I'll be uploading patterns to this blog, FB page, and website as they become available. Most all patterns are all pre-orders and will be available for shipment mid-October.

New Designers

Ok, If you haven't checked our website in a while then you'll want too see all the new designers we have added with more coming in the upcoming weeks.

I am going to add a new pattern designer who is solely selling her patterns on CD's. Let me know what you think, please!

So I come to our Facebook Page. I post all new patterns, pattern of the day, etc on my FB page daily.

If you follow our blog I promise to not be so neglectful.


Distributing Scientific Seamstress

Tuesday, June 15, 2010  at 11:36 AM
I am pleased to announce we are now distributing four patterns from

Each of the four patterns contain multiple design options and cover a wide range of sizes. The instructions are written in a clear, logical manner with extreme attention to detail. Whether you are a new or seasoned sewer you will appreciate the simplicity of the designs and the clarity of the instructions.

The instructions contain full-color for very clear explanation of the sewing steps, and provide a great deal of visual instruction.

Discounted Patterns

Monday, June 14, 2010  at 6:55 PM
Have you checked out our "Clearance" link on the CS website? Have you ever wondered what happened to a certain (out-of-print) pattern and if you can still locate one? If you can imagine after being in business for 33 years we have many patterns that are now out-of-print but available exclusively through CS. I also have many, many patterns that we need to clear-out of the warehouse to make room for all the new ones arriving daily. I think everyone likes a deal so check it out today!
I have a new "Vendor Clearance" link on the website. If you remember the vendors name but not the pattern, simply click on their direct link to all the clearance items.
I also will be adding (in the coming days) a damaged pattern and pleater section. From time-to-time I receive returned patterns that are slightly damaged but can no longer sell. The pleaters I will be re-selling will have replacement needles and tested.
Make it a Great Day!

June 2010 Patterns

Thursday, June 3, 2010  at 11:58 AM
How are you all doing? I have been gone for awhile but am back with new patterns from Quilt Market. I am really pleased with a couple of these new designers...they are so talented!

Do you follow us on Facebook? If not you should because I upload all the newest patterns on Facebook, as soon as the patterns are uploaded to the website.
I have not listed the entire list of new patterns. If you visit our website the entire listing of all patterns new are on our homepage.

We are now carrying "Retro Mae" a 6-pattern collection.

A new Adorable bag and accessory pattern line from "Hemma Designs"

Australian Smocking & Embroidery 91

Tuesday, May 11, 2010  at 3:15 PM
Looks like i'll be a little busy before I head off to MN.

Today we received Australian Smocking & Embroidery 91. I will start shipping auto's on Wednesday and hopefully get everyone's magazines out before next week.

Included in this issue:

Ava: a Vibrant floral dress with fully smocked bodice.

Bella Rose: Beautiful bishop dress for babies.

Caitlan: Cheerful striped dress with smocked insert.

Babe in the Woods: Delightful batiste square yoke dress

Frockstar: Gorgeous Amy Butler print bubble dress

The little bookwarm: Pretty dress with co-ordinating bag

Objet De'Art: Sumptous silk cushion featuring italian smocking

Lemon Fizz: pique dress with beaded smocking.

New Patterns

Monday, May 10, 2010  at 5:47 PM
Is it really May? We are going to have snow tonight....seems like I am always talking about the weather. I really dislike our winter's and am always patiently waiting for Spring. Looks like we will be missing out on Spring this year.

I have added a new Pattern Designer to our distribution list.
For the entire pattern list please click on the above link.

I now added the majority of all our new Spring 2010 Quilt Market patterns to the website.

Available Today:
ModKid Boutique 4 new patterns and in-stock
Venezie Designs 2 bag and 1 apron patterns in-stock
Serendipity Studio

Lila Tueller 3 new patterns and will arrive by the end of the week
Pink Fig 5 new patterns and will arrive and in-stock when I return from MN (May 24th)
Jackie Clark
Bonnie Blue
Apron Lady

Favorite Things 4 new patterns
Little Londyn
Olive Ann Designs
Sew Liberated
Maw Bell
Bari j. Ackerman

New Patterns for Quilt Market 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010  at 8:00 PM
Hello sewing friends,

As many know we (CS Distribution/Creative Smocking) live and work in snow country! We are expecting snow tonight and not a dusting but 2-3 inches. I find the idea of snow unimaginable but then again i've seen snow as late as May 20th (my dads birthday) what can I do but pray for warmer weather.

I have the majority of new patterns for the Spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN on our website. If you are not able to attend Market I have a separate link for all the Market products.

New Patterns (the following are approximate dates of arrival) you can expect a 2-3 day turnover (from the initial date of shipment):

Pintucks & Petticoats: Available Now

Sew Sensible: Available Now

Ellie Inspired: Available Now

Pat Garretson: Available Now

ModKid Boutique: April 30th

Butterfly Kisses: April 30th

Love n' Stitches: May 1st

Portabellopixie (Ruffle Pants): May 3rd

Bonnie Blue Designs: May 3rd

Pink Fig Patterns: May 15th

Lila Tueller Designs: May 10th

Serendipity Studio: Before/After Market

Portabellopixie: After Market (May 27th)

MawBell Designs: After Market (May 27th)

Favorite Things: After Market (May 27th)

My partner in crime when I am at home at night and working on the website, FB page, or blog is my kitty Wilbur.

More new Patterns

Monday, April 26, 2010  at 7:26 PM
I added two new patterns from Ellie Inspired and Bonnie Blue. I expect too have each in-stock by the first week of May.

Ellie Inspired "Dancer" “Dancer” is a fun and flirty smocked or shirred skirt with attached shorts underneath. This twirly skirt has lots of kid appeal with the comfortable elastic waistband, attached shorts, and option of a single layer or double layer “twirl”!
My patterns are created to be easy and fast to complete. The directions are clear and easy to understand for beginning sewers but include details to entice experienced sewers as well.

Bonnie Blue Designs "Aimee" is an easy summer dresses, tops, and shorts. Two styles of unlined summer dresses with tops, and short variations.

View 1: Dress top ties at back of neck.
View 2: Shoulder straps

Both styles include an easy fit, elastic casing, back shorts included.

Portabellopixie Ruffle Pants

Monday, April 19, 2010  at 3:09 PM
I have been neglecting this blog. I apologize! I have our website, FB fan page, and i'll admit the blog is what gets forgotten.........I hope too post soon the new patterns released at the Spring Quilt Market.

I have great news to report on the Portabellopixie Ruffle Pants......I should be receiving a shipment in approximately 2 weeks or sooner?

Do you follow our FB Fan page? We are under Creative Smocking/CS Distribution. If not you should because I post every morning the stock I received, new pattern info, and general newsy-news. I am also going to start having give aways and contests.

I am at it again.......

Thursday, March 25, 2010  at 12:47 PM

March Pattern Madness

I am pleased to announce "Marie-Madeline Studio" patterns
Please visit our website
for a complete listing.

New Spring 2010 Patterns

Monday, March 15, 2010  at 7:12 PM
I have added approximately 43 new patterns in the last two weeks!
If you see an * that means a new pattern company we are now distributing
*BellaRena Designs: 1 adult and 1 child pattern
*Beth's Heirloom: 1 new pattern
Brassy Apple: 1 new jean applique and 1 apron pattern
Butterfly Kisses: 1 quilt and pincushion pattern
Cyndi & Company: 5 new patterns
Handmade Dress: 1 new pattern
Karen Faylor: 1 new pattern
*Little Lambs: 3 adorable patterns
Love n' Stitches: 1 new pattern
*Olive Ann Design: 6 new patterns
Oliver + S: 3 new patterns
*Patterns by Figgy: 5 new patterns
Pintucks & Pettiecoats: 1 new pattern
*Sweet Clover Canyon: 1 new quilt pattern
I will have most everything in-stock by the end of the week.
The Oliver +S patterns will be here April 1st and no that is not an April Fool's.
The Love n' Stitches will be here by the end of the Month.
It's still not too late to order for Easter. I can drop-ship any last-minute Easter pattern shoppers for your last-minute customers!
Have a great day!

A new Bag pattern for you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010  at 10:07 AM
A Day in the PARK


This versatile bag can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, or tote and is suitable as a second project for new sewers. Fully lined interior includes zippered pocket and divided patch pocket for pencils, cell phone, or other small items.

New Designer Pattern

Monday, March 1, 2010  at 3:03 PM
Maddy Jo's Tulip Skirt

Bella Rena Designs

New Pattern Coming Soon! Pre-Order Today

Saturday, February 27, 2010  at 9:40 AM
I am happy to announce a new pattern designer Ellie Inspired!

This pattern will have 2 versions smocked and un-smocked.

Thursday Night

Thursday, February 18, 2010  at 7:46 PM
I am proud to say we (Creative Smocking/CS Distribution) are now on Facebook!
Join us on Facebook and be the first to know of new products, in-stock, and ordering before anyone else!

A-Z of Heirloom

Wednesday, February 17, 2010  at 9:40 AM
A~Z of Heirloom Sewing
Fabulous Finishing Touches for Sleeves, Collars, and Hems
The 20th book in the Highly Successful A-Z Series

We are now sold out!

Australian Smocking & Embroidery 90 Arrived

Wednesday, February 10, 2010  at 1:12 PM
I received ASE90 and A-Z Heirloom today.

I will start shipping Auto's today (Wednesday).

New Patterns

Monday, February 8, 2010  at 7:03 PM
I have two new patterns coming soon: You can pre-order them today on our website.

Sew Fun: Baby S'mores Quilt & Plushie
It’s a beginner-friendly, classic Rail Fence design made up from bumpy corduroy, soft minky and silky satin layers… with a matching “marshmellow” blanket pal for babies to cuddle…. It’s completely adorable.
The pattern includes instructions for the Quilt, and the Plushie (inc. pattern sheet for Plushie parts) as well as special instructions on various appliqué stitches (needed to make the Plushie face) and other useful stitches for making this Quilt. The pattern also includes a section of Special Tips for working with the varying textures and different fabrics that comprise this quilt. These tips are especially helpful for quilters who are used to working typically with only quilting cottons.

Handmade Dress: Miss Mary 6m-4yr and 5-12yr.

Pleating Dowel's

Tuesday, February 2, 2010  at 7:29 PM
Do you own a Pleater? Do you have a Pleater Dowel? If not, you need one!

Let me tell you, why!

A pleater dowel is a device used by smockers to feed fabric through a pleater. The dowel is covered in fabric which holds the fabric firmly in place.

The pleating dowel fits Amanda Jane and Read Pleaters. There is a different size for each pleater. The dowels are 12" (16-row), 15" (24-row), and 18" (24 and 32-row).

Do you use a pleater and find holding your fabric difficult or use another similar device but still find holding the fabric in place difficult? The pleating dowel is the device for you. I assure you will find the pleating dowel a must have for your ease and comfort in pleating. The perfect piece of pleats!

Winter is Back

Sunday, January 24, 2010  at 5:00 PM
I was starting to wonder if we would ever be seeing snow again in Bend, Oregon? I was in Portland, Oregon last week and they have their bulbs and flowers popping out of the ground. Wow!

Have you had a chance to Pre-order the new Portabellopixie patterns? I am expecting their arrival mid-February (or earlier). I also hope to have "Ruffle Pants" in stock again very fact, if you are the one who was planning a class I can get you the pattern minus the booklet.

Coming Soon
Kati Cupcake "My Favorite Bag" the first week of February order now!
Portabellopixie "Saturday Skirts", "Sway Pants", "Petal Skirt", and "Strawberry Skirts" coming soon
ModKid Boutique: Doll patterns and Garment bag
Pre-Order now......Easter and Spring will fast be approaching and you will want your store to be fully stocked with all these fabulous new patterns.

Changes on the Horizon

Tuesday, January 19, 2010  at 9:04 AM
I've uploaded the three new Portabellopixie patterns to our website. You can now pre-order.

Will It Ever Snow in Bend, Oregon?

Monday, January 11, 2010  at 6:45 PM
I understand the Eastern half of our Country is freezing. On the West Coast we are experiencing unseasonably warm weather and the days are getting longer. Which means Spring is fast approaching. Woo Hoo!

I am adding a new pattern line "Sew Blessed Designs" to our collection. The first pattern "Pleated Skort" is available now for pre-orders. I hope to have the patterns in stock by the end of the week or early next week.

Happy New Year my Sewing Friends

Thursday, January 7, 2010  at 12:23 PM
Have you wondered where i've been for the past two months? I've been watching a lot of Oregon football. I hope to not be so neglectful of this blog in 2010.

As many know we have been in our current location for eight years. Our warehouse was in a desperate need for a remodel.
I started on Monday re-alphabetizing our entire 2,000+ pattern collection what a task.
I have taken a picture of the mess I created on the floor and believe me it was worse