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Wednesday, October 27, 2010  at 5:35 PM
One of my favorite parts of working at Creative Smocking is receiving books from publishers before their release date (to the general public). Today was one of those days. I received two new books and let me tell you I just had to take home with me; with ofcourse the intention of sewing one of those nifty crafty items in the book.

Fast forward to this evening as I was sitting at my kitchen table and looking through the book and imagining all the crafty items I would start sewing tonight. At the same time realized this would actually not happen because I don't have a copy machine at home (most books released have pull-out patterns). Ok, so I show the book to my boyfriend (Jerry) and start showing him everything nifty and crafty that I am going to start sewing. His response, "why are you showing me this"? I was a tad disappointed but at the sametime remembered not everyone understands the excitement of a new sewing book or pattern. I had a 2nd thought which was "who can I tell my excitement too". I could post it on my facebook page but again most of my friends don't necessarily care about sewing, quilting, and quite honestly don't really understand my fascination with sitting at a sewing machine and sewing for hours upon hours.....i'll post on Creative Smocking's facebook page but had a new dilemma. I have too much to say about my fabulous new here I am writing on my blog and knowing someone out there also shares in the same excitement when they receive new patterns and a book?

The End.

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