Thursday, October 28, 2010  at 4:09 PM
Today I am going to talk about my patterns.

As many people know (or might not know) I took an entire year off from exhibiting at Quilt Market. Last Spring I decided I would sew a garment to wear during the show. If I can't have a booth then what a better idea then to walk around the show wearing one of these fabulous outfits from one of my designers.

A Little Story about my Patterns

late March/Early April Pattern #1 was the Street Fair Skirt from Marie Madeline. I bought the Fabric, cut all my squares, sewed em' together, cut out the skirt, sewed it up, and put the skirt aside and resumed my daily life. Fast Forward: A week before Market and knowing all I need is to install the zipper and I will have the cutest skirt ever... A very large problem has arose and my sewing machine does not have an invisible zipper foot. I frantically read the owners manual and yes there is one for the machine. I think to myself excellent! However due to time I better enlist my mother and head up to her house. I show her my skirt (which she thinks is adorable) and plan on using her machine but no invisible zipper foot. I call frantically every Bernina store in the state of Oregon.....I buy a couple different foots for my machine and my mothers (just in case). I am desperate at this point. I can not believe what is happening and how can a sewing machine not have an invisible zipper foot when so many patterns require one? Long story shortened, all foots sold to me do not work on mine or her machine. Now fast forward to Quilt Market and I inquire about this invisible zipper foot for our machines and it turns out Bernina DID NOT make one for either of our machines. Lesson learned. The owners manual might not always be the best resource.........

Pattern #2 Serendiptiy Studios "Claire". I bought the fabric, cut out the pattern, and ran out of time. I was heading to quilt market in less then a week. I'll be honest here and admit that my mother became my savior and sewed the dress for me. She did an excellent job of sewing the dress but unfortunately I did not measure and had her sew a medium. The dress was to big but my friend Anita has enjoyed wearing my dress.

I am posting this message a little late and one reason is that apparently I forgot to post it. In my inner thoughts I had two ideas. 1) I could delete the entire post and 2) start a new post. Since I actually find the above two pattern stories a little hilarious......I am sharing!

So for tonight's post:

I have at my disposal a variety of adorable patterns whether that be for adults or children? When I receive new patterns my first thought is always, "I want to make this one for myself, friend, friends child, etc". I take the pattern, buy the fabric, cut-it out, and put it aside. I admitedly have done this with so many patterns that I keep telling myself to "Stop"! The truth is that I really have little time to sew. If anyone is familiar with Central Oregon it is a mecca of outdoor activities. When I am not working I ski, hike, ride my bike, take my dog for a walk, or relax. How much I really do enjoy sewing and find sewing very relaxing its often hard for me to sit down.

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your families....hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st.

Patterns and Books

Wednesday, October 27, 2010  at 5:35 PM
One of my favorite parts of working at Creative Smocking is receiving books from publishers before their release date (to the general public). Today was one of those days. I received two new books and let me tell you I just had to take home with me; with ofcourse the intention of sewing one of those nifty crafty items in the book.

Fast forward to this evening as I was sitting at my kitchen table and looking through the book and imagining all the crafty items I would start sewing tonight. At the same time realized this would actually not happen because I don't have a copy machine at home (most books released have pull-out patterns). Ok, so I show the book to my boyfriend (Jerry) and start showing him everything nifty and crafty that I am going to start sewing. His response, "why are you showing me this"? I was a tad disappointed but at the sametime remembered not everyone understands the excitement of a new sewing book or pattern. I had a 2nd thought which was "who can I tell my excitement too". I could post it on my facebook page but again most of my friends don't necessarily care about sewing, quilting, and quite honestly don't really understand my fascination with sitting at a sewing machine and sewing for hours upon hours.....i'll post on Creative Smocking's facebook page but had a new dilemma. I have too much to say about my fabulous new here I am writing on my blog and knowing someone out there also shares in the same excitement when they receive new patterns and a book?

The End.