Friday, October 8, 2010  at 5:39 PM
We are having an on-line garage sale!
Stocktoberfest-stock up now!

The good news is that you don't have to scan Craigs List the night before and prepare your 'who to hit' list, and jump in your car in the wee hours of the morning to be first in line, and start early morning bartering. I've done it all for you and the good news is that you can sit in your jammies, sip your coffee, and shop, shop!

Are you wondering what "Stocktoberfest" is?

We are having our first ever once-a-month and on-line warehouse/garage sale on Saturday October 9, 2010! We are busting at the seams with patterns and need too clear our inventory for all the new goodies! I like you want a bargain and I think you too will be pleasantly surprised with what I have available.

The Rules (yes their are rules):

1. I will start the sale at 1:00am Saturday. The good news is that I live in Oregon so I really won't need too stay up too late.

2. I will end the sale at 12:59 pm on Saturday. The bad news this will mean i'll need too stay up late...

3. I will post "Stocktoberfest" on our website at and this will be where you can locate the stalk-up-now deals.

4. I will be posting periodically and very randomly throughout the day on our Facebook page.
a. If you really want a deal I would be in close contact with our Facebook page.
1. As an example, I will be giving away patterns, 2-for-1 deals, and much more.

5. The Stocktoberfest is good for Saturday October 9, 2010. Please do not call or email me and say, 'you missed the sale'.

6. If all goes well I plan to make stocktoberfest a monthly occurence.

Make it a Great Day!

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