New Patterns for Quilt Market 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010  at 8:00 PM
Hello sewing friends,

As many know we (CS Distribution/Creative Smocking) live and work in snow country! We are expecting snow tonight and not a dusting but 2-3 inches. I find the idea of snow unimaginable but then again i've seen snow as late as May 20th (my dads birthday) what can I do but pray for warmer weather.

I have the majority of new patterns for the Spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN on our website. If you are not able to attend Market I have a separate link for all the Market products.

New Patterns (the following are approximate dates of arrival) you can expect a 2-3 day turnover (from the initial date of shipment):

Pintucks & Petticoats: Available Now

Sew Sensible: Available Now

Ellie Inspired: Available Now

Pat Garretson: Available Now

ModKid Boutique: April 30th

Butterfly Kisses: April 30th

Love n' Stitches: May 1st

Portabellopixie (Ruffle Pants): May 3rd

Bonnie Blue Designs: May 3rd

Pink Fig Patterns: May 15th

Lila Tueller Designs: May 10th

Serendipity Studio: Before/After Market

Portabellopixie: After Market (May 27th)

MawBell Designs: After Market (May 27th)

Favorite Things: After Market (May 27th)

My partner in crime when I am at home at night and working on the website, FB page, or blog is my kitty Wilbur.

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