Onto Spring Patterns....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011  at 5:55 PM
I looked at my last blog post and thought to myself has it really been a month? Where does all the time go? Where did April go? I am incredibly busy with a lot going on with the patterns and a little of everything else.

We are closing in on Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake with only about three weeks to go. The new patterns are slowly trickling onto our website and available for Pre-Order! I know how busy everyone has been and must admit although Mom and I will be driving and walking the show it does seem a little hectic for us?

The designers have really out done themselves again with their new designs. If you haven't had a chance to check out our website you should today. In the coming days and weeks i'll be uploading Favorite Things, Maw Bell, and many more! Don't forget to Pre-Order now so your shop isn't left out on our initial shipments. I know your customers will find these new designs irresistable.

Now don't forget Mother's Day on May 8, 2011. You might have finished your Easter outfits for your little ones minutes before Sunday but now it's time to start thinking about Mother's Day.

We have the three new Oliver + S patterns in-stock and are flying off our shelves and available today in one of our Retail stores near you!

We are now carrying the Patterns by Annie line and are available today. A five pattern collection of fun flirty dresses and a bib cloth perfect for those spring and hot days of summer.

We will be receiving ModKid Boutique's four new patterns by the end of next week. Once again Patty has done an exceptional job adding patterns for misses', tweens, and plus size ladies.

Always remember we are your first choice distributor for all our boutique style sewing patterns, shipping the same day on in-stock patterns.

If you have not yet created account with us you can email me your business licence and/or tax id, create an account online and I will switch your account to wholesale. We are sew much more then smocking....

Make it a great day!

Spring-A-Thon Patterns

Wednesday, March 30, 2011  at 11:14 PM
I have to admit with only one day left of March can we please all have a little spring weather? Today was a balmy 58. I know too most people this would seem cold but to us in Bend, Oregon it was shorts n flip flop weather!

As our weather transitioned from side-ways snow to the balmy 58 I was thinking what patterns do we currently have in-stock that are perfect for spring and summer?

I walked through the warehouse today and randomly picked a couple patterns from previous years that are best-sellers during the dog-days of summer.

The Bridget and Lucy patterns are all used with Moda Jelly Rolls and remember these patterns can all be purchased through our company. I chose one of the four patterns but all four are available for purchase.

Hot Scott Patterns has a variety of patterns but two of the most popular ones during the summer are the Cargo Shorts and Bermuda Shorts. Please check back soon for their newest patterns on our website.

And we have come to The Handmade Dress with Miss Lily an adorable little bubble dress.....

I will be adding more of our favorite dog-days of summer patterns to our blog in the coming days! Do you follow our facebook page? If not you really should because I add the pattern of the day and all new patterns as they are released from the designers.

Is there anything you would like us to add to our blog, fb page, twitter, website, or pattern companies?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and hope to hear from you all soon! Now don't forget we are your one-stop distributor with all the greatest boutique style sewing patterns for all your customers' needs.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Thursday, March 17, 2011  at 8:44 PM
I am not Irish. I am Norwegian so in retrospect this Holiday really means nothing to me. In fact I feel odd calling it a Holiday because is it one? I think as one person told me earlier today it is really an excuse for drinking beer. I am (surprisingly) not going to discuss the weather because I am currently stationed at Mt. Hood for a couple days and am enjoying the beautiful winter wonderland around me.

Now with all of that out of the way....I can start talking about all the exciting things going on at Creative Smocking in the next couple of months.

Are you ready for Easter? Do you have your new patterns purchased in your shop or are you a customer shopping for that special pattern?

Who is going to Salt Lake for Quilt Market? I will be going but as an attendee....I am planning on being in town for one day and then travelling around Utah. I haven't been to Utah since the olympics....what a shame Quilt Market isn't in the winter! Does any of my Utah friends out there have suggestions of places to go? Sadly i've really only been to SLC and Park City. I am thinking about Moad but that might be too long of a drive?

The Oliver S patterns will be released soon (april). I highly suggesting pre-ordering these patterns because we our shipment is a set quantity and usually sells out....so Pre-Ordering is highly important!

Spring Forward

Tuesday, March 8, 2011  at 1:19 PM
I was just informed this weekend we will be spring forwarding. It sorta seems like we just changed our clocks? I guess time just goes too fast! In the spirit of spring forwarding this must mean warmer weather, longer nights, bbq'n is on the horizon! I couldn't be more pleased since I woke up to snow this morning.
On another note we have many excellent new patterns coming out for Spring.
Bonnie Blue has three new patterns and two revised and are available now in our shop.
A couple new ones from Oliver + S are now on our website and available for Pre-Order with a release in April. The book from Liesl is also available now.
The ladies at Marie Madeline have a new peasant style dress and will be in our shop early next week.
The Sew Sensible pattern "Hope Joy" has been revised and is now Hope Joy Bubble Top & Twirl Skort.
All the YLI ribbon is 30% off! We still have many colors available!

Last Day of the Month-thankfully

Monday, February 28, 2011  at 9:42 AM
Today is thankfully the last day of February! I am ready for spring. I prefer summer dresses, skirts, and warm weather. If you have read my previous posts or comments on our facebook page then you know I live in snow country but really prefer warm weather.

Today we received four new spring inspired patterns from Bonnie Blue. Hopefully the patterns were pre-ordered because those will be shipped first. Otherwise you might need to wait for a 2nd shipment.

Easter is April 24th. There is still a lot of time to purchase and sew up something cute for your little one or yourself. I think its always important to wear something new for any holiday or perhaps its my excuse for a new outfit.