February is Coming to an End

Tuesday, February 22, 2011  at 10:02 AM
Are you tired of shoveling snow? Are you ready to start seeing spring flowers?
We had a very warm month of January with highs in the 60's while the majority of the Eastern United States was buried in feet of snow! I was starting to believe winter was over here in Oregon and spring was on the way. My dream for an early spring was tarnished a week ago after we received 9 inches of snow in one night. I figured ok, this was a random thing after all we have global warming here on the west coast. No we have had several storms since with the grandiose on saturday bringing another foot of snow. At this point, i've given up shoveling the walk and I drive over the mounds of snow.
Are you wondering why I am writing about the snow in Oregon? It's simple. I am ready for Spring, fresh new flowers popping up in my flower beds, and new patterns.
Our new patterns for Spring are starting to slowly trickle in and I am thrilled because this means spring weather is around the corner and I no longer have to wear my Norwegian sweaters (ok but I love them), sorels, etc.
So without further ado here is the list we have of today available for pre-order! It's very important to Pre-Order the patterns because they do Sell-Out and I know you want your customers to shop from you and not elsewhere.

Bonnie Blue:
Abigail (replaces Kayla)
Holly Hunter (replaces previous Holly Hunter)
Jenna Leigh (replaces Lindsey)
Summer Irene

Pintucks & Pettiecoats
Baby Lyric Long Romper

Sew Sensible
Hope Joy Bubble Top & Skirt

Australian Smocking & Embroidery issue 93 has sold out! We are expecting Issue 94 in April.