Pleating Dowel's

Tuesday, February 2, 2010  at 7:29 PM
Do you own a Pleater? Do you have a Pleater Dowel? If not, you need one!

Let me tell you, why!

A pleater dowel is a device used by smockers to feed fabric through a pleater. The dowel is covered in fabric which holds the fabric firmly in place.

The pleating dowel fits Amanda Jane and Read Pleaters. There is a different size for each pleater. The dowels are 12" (16-row), 15" (24-row), and 18" (24 and 32-row).

Do you use a pleater and find holding your fabric difficult or use another similar device but still find holding the fabric in place difficult? The pleating dowel is the device for you. I assure you will find the pleating dowel a must have for your ease and comfort in pleating. The perfect piece of pleats!

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