Jackie Clark Junk Bag Pattern

Wednesday, October 14, 2009  at 10:13 PM
I travelled to Houston for the International Quilt Market.
On Saturday, I met up with Jackie Clark.
Jackie's assistant, Stephanie let me borrow her Junk bag from Jackie Clark's new pattern "Junk Bag" (see pattern photo above)! I have to admit, I do not want to send the bag back because I am in love, love!

Let me tell you the reasons:

1. The straps are so large that no matter how much I stuffed in the bag from Market my shoulder was never sore. IE, My shoulder was nearly broke from my laptop bag on the plane. I was wishing the entire time I had not put the "Junk Bag" in my suitcase.

2. The patterns includes the entire alphabet. If you aren't keen on "Junk" how about "Stuff, My Bag, Tiff, Moms Stuff, Kids Stuff, etc"! What a great gift idea

3. The pattern uses scraps.....plus, MODA will have the Hanky fabric.

4. The possibilities are endless with design and creativity. My bag (I borrowed) has a button, rick-rack, etc! Let your wild side come out by creating a unique but personal bag!

I will send my bag (or not really mine) back to Jackie. I know i'll be making one for myself in the coming weeks. I am thinking this would make the perfect Christmas/Holiday/Birthday gift for friends and family!

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decoratorgirl said...

Hi, Tiffany,

It was so nice to meet you at market! I am glad you were willing to give the junk bag a spin! Thank you for your kind words.. the bag made it back safely - you were fast! I enjoyed our visit. Love the look of your blog!

-Stephanie, JCD